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    This Is An Event For Pets And The People Who Love Them
     This the 17th year of the Fur Ball - HSLC's largest fundraiser. More than 300 animal lovers attend an evening for dining, dancing and bidding on fabulous auction items knowing they are supporting a vital community resource.
      How does your support make a difference?
     The Humane Society of Livingston County ensures that all animals in its care receive appropriate medical attention, including vaccines, spay/neuter services and other medical treatment, depending on each animal's needs. Over the years, HSLC staff and volunteers have cared for thousands of animals. The ultimate goal for any HSLC animal is its adoption into a loving home. Great care is taken to ensure that all pets are placed into appropriate environments.

     HSLC's goal is to hold as many pets for as long as possible. It is the current policy of the HSLC not to euthanize animals in response to the tragic problem of companion animal overpopulation. We, therefore, limit the number of animals we accept based on the space and resources available to properly care for the numbers of animals we would otherwise receive. HSLC euthanizes in the case of severe temperament or health issues.

      All animals are spayed and neutered before leaving the shelter. Our staff veterinarian performs these operations. Kittens are sterilized upon reaching two pounds in weight, and adoptive owners must wait until this procedure is complete before taking the kittens from the shelter. Each animal that is brought to us receives a health exam. This exam ensures that every animal adopted from the HSLC is spayed or neutered and receives age-appropriate vaccinations.
      If you turn the video off before the end because you just can't bear to look into the eyes of these animals, this is an event for you. Help us support the HSLC's mission to find homes for the thousands of abused, neglected and abandoned pets in Livingston County.